A Surrender . . . yet an opportunity?

Well, this is kind of a surrender. I think that before now, I struggled with some misplaced sense of superiority when it comes to blogging. In my mind, bloggers were people who had nothing better to do than sit around and write about things in posts that almost no one will read, and then pretend that they are somehow “important” because they have their own blog.

So, I know that’s not really true now (at least for a lot of bloggers!), and I want to do some blogging because I think it will simply help me to write, which is what I really want to do. Having a place to put it all makes moving your stuff out of a house a lot easier, so having a place to put your ideas will naturally make it easier to write.

With that said, I now take the plunge into the chaotic, vibrant nether regions of the blogosphere!


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