Ok, so I know that spending time in a university program where the background of ideas for Western political institutions is unveiled, tends to create a kind of apolitical snobbery. What I mean is that when I came to better understand how a lot of political thinking is formulated, I became a person who tried to remain “above” base, petty, partisan politics, with the result that I simply stopped caring about most contemporary political debates. It promoted a sense of disgust and pointlessness toward politics. I naively began to think that Christians didn’t have to concern themselves much with “dirty” squabbles between Repubs and Dems. I was beyond such earthly thinking; I’m all about the heavenly things!

Well, here are two resources that have recently helped me shift my gears into what I think is a more biblical and helpful understanding of the relationship between faith and politics (or Jerusalem and Rome).

The first is a good article on why everything matters, including, you guessed it, politics.

The second gives a good framework for how Christians should approach politics, without necessarily towing the party line. You can speak clearly and loudly on the issues you care about, but you also don’t have to agree with all that one party promotes (ie, you can adamantly oppose abortion, but you can still promote heavier taxes on the wealthy)


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