The Self-Defeating Materialist

Just a short conversation I wrote out between two people, one who views the world as not ‘necessary,’ and a materialist that doesn’t really see any wonder in the world anymore.


Non-Materialist: “It’s a strange world we live in.”

Materialist: “No it’s not.”

Non-Materialist:”Why not?”

Materialist: “Because it’s the only world there is.There couldn’t have been another world. What happened, happened. It’s all words, ‘strange,’ ‘magical.’ What would be a ‘normal’ world, anyway?”

Non-Materialist: “I don’t know. Maybe trees would be upside down. Maybe horses would ride people, or something like that.”

Materialist: “‘That’s a waste of time! The point is, this is what we’ve got. We have to do the best with what we’ve got.”

Non-Materialist: “What is the best?”‘

Materialist: “A world without poverty, war, or money.”

Non-Materialist: “Hmmm, sounds kind of like a world with trees that are upside down.”

Materialist: “That’s different!”

Non-Materialist: “No it’s not.”


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