Villain or Hero?

I was walking past the magazines in my local library and I though it was hilarious that both the conservative magazine National Review and the liberal Progressive were featuring articles on governor Scott Walker, and his upcoming recall election.


The National Review displayed a victorious, armor-clad Governor Walker, the head of Medusa help up triumphantly in his hand, with a battle-cry pouring from his mouth. The title of the piece was Can Scott Walker Slay the Beast?


The Progressive had a different take on Governor Walker. On the cover page, we have a very green-faced Walker, portrayed apparently as either a zombie or Frankenstein’s monster (or both), about to attack and devour a helpless young woman in her car. Their article title was Walker Lurks Over Recall.


So, Governor Scott Walker is probably somewhere in between a victorious monster-slayer and a monster.


We’re pretty funny.


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